Destination DISD

Remember that movie, The Other Guys?  Well that's us.  The ones that the system does not support.  And why is that?  We expect the same as our opponents...excellence from DISD.  

But Last year, when the superintendent sold the board on his Destination 2020 plan, there were some crucial items missing.  And  nobody seemed to notice.  That's why this political action committee was filed.

So, the elections are over but our cause is the same.   Please watch our videos then let us know what you think of the "Lucky 7" list to improve DISD.



Questions or concerns?

Former candidates with a cause
Dist 7  Rafael Narvaez  (Oak Cliff)
Dist 5  Linda Wilkerson-Wynn  (South Dallas)
Dist 4  Luis Hernandez  (Pleasant Grove)

State law requires best efforts to collect and report the name, address, and occupation of individuals whose contributions exceed $50 per reporting period. Contributions are not tax deductible. Corporate contributions are not allowed.   

Destination DISD is a specific-purpose political action committee  promoting new board leadership.

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